Want Some Simple Ideas for an Easy Kid’s Room Upgrade? We Thought So.
When our kids have a beautiful room to escape to, they sleep better, feel more inspired and are able to be at peace. But it’s not an easy undertaking for everyone and the details could be discouraging.


This doesn’t mean you should throw the baby out with the bathwater by any means! Instead, take a look at these helpful tips that will take the stress out of the planning and leave your child (and you) with a beautiful room to enjoy!


Think about how you child would like to feel in his or her room.
How a room looks determines how it feels to just about anyone. Sit down and ask your child what changes he or she would like to see.  Consider their hobbies and passions, as they can influence furniture, accent and them design. Color matters as well. Talk to your child about the colors he would like to see in his room. If it’s important for him to have lime green walls, remember it’s only paint and can be covered inexpensively and quickly at any time. Have fun with it!
Keep the light.
One of the biggest mistakes parents make, usually due to space issues, is cover up the windows. Even covering part of the windows will cause the room to look smaller and darker. Make sure that taller furniture is at least 6 inches from the sides of any window to make sure the sunlight can get in.
Bonus lights.
Sunlight isn’t always the right light. If your child has a desk, you might consider a mobile hanging ceiling light or a wall light. We feel it’s important to have alternative lamp options but recommend that they not be kept on desks or floors, as they can add clutter or be dangerous.
Make sure it’s useful.
A child’s age, interests and available floor space all come into play when you’re trying to figure out how the room will best function for them. Think about how many kids are in the room, what kind of beds you’re wanting to have, the need for desks, a cozy place to read or retreat and even storage. Some small things you could do would be to add a small table and chairs create a convenient place to draw, play games or just pretend. An artist’s easel can encourage your little artist to create his masterpiece. A small sofa, bean bag chairs and funky ottomans can accommodate older kids and their friends.
Keep plenty of storage.
One of the hardest aspects of a kid room remodel is making sure there’s enough storage space included in the process.  So in this one, consider all possibilities to make sure you don’t run out of space. You can’t have too much storage. Closet organizers, the most obvious option, get the most use of closet areas, while helping to keep clothing, shoes and other items neat and orderly. Wall shelves or shelving organizing systems can be loaded with baskets so your child can keep all their random toys, but looking orderly and clean at the same time.
Those are just the beginning of the ideas.  But they are a great door into more possibility. Once you’re more clear on what you want, talk to a contractor and make sure everything can be done according to your need. Failing to do this can cause you to go off course in your budget and leave with a room not quite to your liking and a lot of remodeler’s remorse! 
Please give us a call at Unique Home Building to discuss all your great ideas and we’ll make them happen!

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