Fire Damage Cleanup Should Be Left Up to Professionals
Home fires are devastating. Sometimes the most tragic part of the damage isn’t even your home’s structure, but personal property like pictures and heirlooms being lost.
After a Home Fire
The first thing to do in the event of a home fire is to call the insurance company. After you’ve taken care of this, find a contractor who has the know how when it comes to flood and fire restoration. Unique Properties of Dallas is fully qualified to help you get your home back to normal or even better than before. Furthermore, we’ll contact your insurance company for you immediately so that you don’t have to worry about coordinating with them yourself.
We make it our goal to create a plan of action with you on a personal level so you can get your home back exactly how you want it. Using our expertise, we can look at several different options moving forward – whether that be changing, restoring, or improving the portions of you house that have been damaged – that will all work within your insurance adjustment. You may find that you want to add some funds to your project for a complete overhaul of your home, and we are more than willing to work you through that process as well.
Don’t worry about working with insurance agencies or the government. We’ll handle it for you. Here at Unique properties, we have been providing families with on time, within budget, quality restorations that cause little disruption to your life since 1986. Click here to visit our web site. Call us at (214) 533-0716, or come in for a face-to-face visit at 11300 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX, 75243. has a few tips for house fire restoration. Their full article can be found here.
House Fire Restoration Do’s and Don’ts
As overwhelming as it might seem, the most important thing to do after a house fire is to begin restoration as soon as possible. This will help you avoid experiencing future damage on your home. Of course, entering your home immediately after a fire has the potential to be dangerous. If the fire and/or water damage is severe enough, the structural integrity of your home could be at risk and there can be a number of electrical hazards. The first order of business in your restoration should be to get in contact with a professional fire damage contractor. Regardless, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you begin your restoration so that you, your family, and your home can stay safe.
House Fire Restoration Do’s
      First things first – immediately after a house fire, contact your homeowners’ insurance agent
      Find a restoration company so they can start cleanup, repair, and restoration as soon as possible
      You want a restoration company that will work directly with your insurance company. They will ensure that you get the settlement you deserve
I cannot stress enough the importance of immediately contacting your homeowners’ insurance agent as soon as the fire has happened. Fire and water damage need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, as mold and mildew can grow within 24 hours after the fire. You want a company to work directly with your insurance company so that they have a working relationship. In doing so, you will keep your out-of-pocket costs low and find a reasonable settlement. This will also guarantee that the restoration company hires great contractors who utilize good business practices and will work with you and your unique needs.
House Fire Restoration Don’ts
      Don’t try to cleanup any fire damage on your own
      Don’t, under any circumstances, enter your home after the fire
      Don’t tamper with anything inside or around your home after the fire
Your home will be dangerous after a fire. Doing restoration on your own is not only dangerous but is a lost cause, as restoration calls for professional equipment and expertise. Entering your home after a fire will put you in unnecessary danger and can inflict even more damage on your home. If you tamper with anything inside or around your home after the fire, the insurance company’s estimate can be negatively affected as they won’t be able to examine your home in its original state.
House fire restoration is a serious task. Because of this, you should always leave it up to a professional company who has the resources, experience, and expertise that is required to get the job done right. For more information on do’s and don’ts of house fire restoration, contact a professional restoration company.

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