Best Time to Build a HouseWhen is the best time to build a house? It really depends on your personal goals and the weather in the area. For a mild to hot climate, like the one here in DFW, it’s possible to build a home at any time of the year. In fact, it’s often best to start in the fall or winter, when it’s a little cooler outdoors.

But there are other reasons to start later in the year besides the cool weather. For instance, building materials are typically cheaper during the fall and winter. There’s quite the demand during the spring and summer, which most people feel is the best time to build a new home. While these seasons are especially popular, there are plenty of reasons wait. We discuss a few of those reasons below.

Residential Construction in Fall

During the fall, the weather outside is perfect. It’s just starting to get cool and dry—the perfect conditions for residential construction. The soil isn’t frozen over yet, which makes pouring a concrete foundation easier. It’s also cool enough for the contractors to work longer hours, as they won’t overheat as easily.

Questions to Ask Before Building a Home

Now that you have a better idea of when to build, it’s time to take the matter seriously. Ask yourself these few questions before getting started.

  1. Do I have the time and patience for a custom home build?
  2. Can I afford the cost of a custom home plan?
  3. What do I want or need from a custom home?
  4. Do I know an ideal location?
  5. Do I have a builder in mind?

For that last question—arguably the most important one—consider Unique Home Build. We proudly work with homeowners and families in DFW to ensure they get the custom home of their dreams. Give us a call at 214-533-0716 to get started!

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