When You Really Want to Remodel, But Can’t - Do This:Sure, remodels are wonderful, and you want one because you know it’s time for your home to have an updated look and feel. But it may not be time or it may not be in the budget. That’s fine too. Just because you can’t remodel right now doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your home to meet your needs. There are little changes that make a big difference and you can start today. Great news right? And don’t worry, if you want to remodel later, that’s always an option and Unique Home Building will be there ready to help. But for now, give your home a visual remodel with these simple ideas!


Clear out the old to make way for the new.
So many things clutter our homes and take away the beautiful simplicity that we long for. So why not look at the room and see what you could do without. Smaller couch? One less chair? What about less things on the shelves? Try to stick to just a couple of picture frames. If there are papers taking up space, get a small box to keep them in so it’s still feels peaceful.
Small investments can make a big difference.
Have you ever thought of adding accent pillows or blankets to your couches or chairs? It’s a lot easier than buying new furniture. However, something as simple as changing up your accent pillows can make a big difference, from the color scheme to the overall look of your couch and chairs. For example, you can move from orange/reds to blue/grays, from floral to mod. Or you can go even bigger and buy a lot of pillows for added comfort.
Look to the light.
What kind of lighting do you have and could it improve? Switch out blue tint bulbs for warm yellows to create a more welcoming ambience especially in the the living room and kitchen. Brighten up your room but keep it natural. For more natural light make sure the curtains aren’t too dark or heavy. This will make a big difference.
Love your plants!
Instantly transform and add life to your space by adding plants, including indoor plants, herb pots, terrariums, or flowering pots. Greenery will instantly freshen up your space and is nice for the health of your space as well.
Change up the colors.
Maybe you’re happy with the basic color choice of your living room walls but it’s starting to feel tired. Consider adding one accent wall. This is a great chance to use a bold color choice or wallpaper pattern that you may not want for an entire room but that would look great in a small dose. For a few dollars and a few hours of work, you can completely change the look of your living room.
Not all change has to be big. If new is what you’re needing, start where you can! And have fun with it! Also, call us at Unique Home Building when you are ready for that next step!

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