Winterization Tips to Care for Your Home, Keep You Warm & Lift Your Mood!Maybe your closet is ready for the coming winter, but is your home? The fall has been
 beautiful so far with it’s predictable changing leaves, rain showers and lowered temperatures. It can be easy to forget the important changes, both maintenance and esthetic, that are important for staying warm and comfortable during the fall and winter months. Below, are some helpful winterization tips and even ideas to keep that smile on your face when the grey skies hit. 

Care for your deck
Winterization Tips to Care for Your Home, Keep You Warm & Lift Your Mood!Decks get a lot of use during long summer days. By the time fall comes around, they can look worn out and old. Once the deck is cleaned off and all summer chairs and tables are stored away, power-wash the deck. This will remove any dirt that is stuck in the wood grain and will take away the gray color that decks fade to over time. Fall is also a good time to reseal the deck if you use a sealant or stain.

Entertain well
Fall and winter bring visitors and family together to share meals and celebrate holidays. Do you have room for everyone?  You can expand a dining or family room pretty easily and be able to fit more people into your home in a more comfortable way.  You may also think of adding skylights or other windows to bring in more light to these spaces and the sun becomes more dormant. 

If you have old, single-pane windows, you will lose a significant amount of heat in the wintertime. Replacing old windows with energy-efficient, double-paned upgrades can pay for itself quickly in heat savings. Check all exterior doors to ensure that they are insulated and that there are no gaps or cracks between the doors and the frames that could let heat out. If you have weather stripping around doors, make sure it is intact and in good shape.

Once all the autumn leaves have fallen, cleaning out the roof gutters will save you from building up ice dams that can damage the roof in the winter. Blow out the gutters with a leaf blower or spray them down with a hose. Check for holes or any other damage to the gutters and repair them before heavy snow or rain makes them worse. It’s also a good time to take a look at the roof itself and fix any shingles that are curling or any flashing around chimneys that has come loose.

Let the sun in
This could be a life saver in prolonging the warmth and glow of the summer months. Imagine a room addition, surrounded by windows that take in the heat of the autumn sun with the added bonus of a gentle ceiling fan and scattered indoor plants.  You’ll have created your own oasis that is sure to bring you comfort and brighten the darker days to come!

Plumbing care

Plumbing lines that aren’t insulated and are in unheated spaces are a major cause of power use, as the water heater must work extra hard to heat water.  Check all of your plumbing lines to identify those that are outside or underneath the house, or are in an unheated basement or attic.  Foam wrap all exposed pipes.

Sweat it out
The best way to combat the winter blues is to turn up the heat.  If you are able to build a sauna at home, you’ll be benefiting yourself in so many ways. Your body will be sweating out toxins, germs and viruses it comes in contact with, your circulatory system will be more efficient to keep you warm and your skin will have a better moisture balance. Studies have also shown that saunas are a powerful tool to combat seasonal depression.  

At Unique Home Building, our contractors are dedicated to creating a home that feels like it’s your very own. As fall will be here before you know it, let us help you get the planning started, so that as the seasons pass, you know you are prepared to take the best of each along with you!

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