Wish Your Home Was More Welcoming? Use These Fall Colors and Tips!Fall is a time that ushers in holidays and a feeling of togetherness.  The warm and cozy feeling of the autumn streets should be moving into the walls of your home and allowing you to melt into the comfort of ‘home.’ If you’re not feeling that warmth, it’s time for a couple of changes.  After all, we will be spending more time indoors and we need warmth in our bodies, as well as the warm feelings that coziness and comfort bring. 
Let’s talk about how the colors of fall can inspire more warmth in the home and the general ‘feel good flow’. Decorating and re-decorating with these colors in mind can increase the warmth and cozy flow in your home with objects, throws, wall colors, pillows and plants…  The point is to have fun with it and feel what works for you.
The top ways to prepare your home to be more welcoming to the fall colors that are abounding are these two tips:
·      Clutter – Get rid of it! The transition from winter to spring aims to launch people into new ideas. However, the mind associates clutter with stagnation and causes people to feel ‘stuck’ and unmotivated. Let inspiration flow by getting rid of your clutter! Get into your closets and corners, old boxes and basements to see where your unnecessary items are collected and lurking.
      Colors – Go for the gold! Rich golden hues with accents of yellow, orange, burgundy, deep green and brown will bring rich warmth to a chilled season!  You can add these colors to your home with pillows, blankets, plants, rugs and art.  An additional perk is the underlying nurturing comfort these colors bring to the subconscious.
There are many other ways to bring the right warm flow into your home and I encourage you to think more about how you would like your home to feel.  Find little ways to incorporate these colors and feelings into your home and see how it uplifts both you and your guests!  
But of course, you don’t have to stop there!   At Unique Home Building we are happy to be the creative designers of your new or remodeled home. Feel free to get in touch with us with your plans and ideas and we’ll turn your home into your personal palace!

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