People all over have their own reasons to why they need more space in the home.  From children to artistic expression, each home has their personal needs.

This can be an overwhelming topic for people as it can feel overwhelming.  You know you’re house is getting too small or isn’t fitting your needs, but you’re not sure where to start or what to change.

So much of it depends are where your passions lie and where you want to them to go.  If your passion lies in fitness but you are ready to have a new baby, you could want to add 2 rooms or even one room that serves multiple purposes.  Are your wheels turning yet?

Let’s talk remodeling.  Here are some things to think about as you and your family continue to grow.

Whether you have an established home business or are just starting out, investing in a home office not only allows you more flexibility with your schedule and family but can also save you money in the end from not having to rent a space. (Plus, as a bonus, it’s a tax deduction!)  Dream as big or small as you wish.  Your office should feel inspirational and energizing and be the size that suits you.


Many people are at that point where they are ready to take their personal health into their own hands by adding a regular fitness program to their day.   Whether you need a small space to house a multi-functional machine, or a bigger room with mirrors meant for yoga or dance – this is an easy to add space that will add quality and vibrancy to your life.

It’s a common theme we hear at Unique Home and we love helping your family through this exciting transition.  At this point, it’s good to ask yourself (and spouse) what you think you really want.  Is this your last baby or first of many?  How can you make this a good and lasting investment?  Are you wanting your child’s room to include a play space that could later be a homework and art station?   These are all great things to brainstorm when considering adding a room for a child.

If you are a great party host or again, your family is growing, then it may serve you to add some space to your dining room.  Is that a space where people hang out the most and enjoy their time together? Is your family home regularly for dinner?  Then this may be a great option.

We all hate waiting for the bathroom and they are typically an easy fix.  You have the freedom to expand the bathroom, adding dual sinks or even the option of adding a suite or half bath somewhere else in the home.  This all depends on your personal needs and budget.  But it is one change that can make the rest of your day a whole lot easier!

I saved this one for last, because it’s one of my favorites.  If you have closet space you don’t need to use, turn it into a small computer space.  OR create a computer space with a functional closet around you.   A closet can be built into a room with space saving door options and shelving to go with it, leaving your home feeling put to good use and in order.  On the other side, converting a closet to a simple office is easy when you remove the doors and get creative with lighting and storage.

At Unique Home, we are ready and waiting to turn your home into your retreat.  Please get in touch with us to see how we can best serve you today!

by:  Navae Fiona

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