If you love to feel healthy then you probably love a good day in the sauna. What if you could have the luxury of a sauna in your home to use every day?  It’s not as impossible as you may think.  People have saunas installed in their homes every day.  They are a great for cleansing the lungs, detoxifying the skin, relaxing the muscles and mind. 

You Deserve the Best!  Install a Sauna for a Healthy Remodel!Dry vs. Wet 
Traditional Finnish saunas are heated with wood stoves, on top of which rocks are piled. The rocks, usually of volcanic material, become very hot and, when ladles of water are poured over them, make clouds of steam known as löyly in Finland. The löyly increases the humidity in the sauna. Finlandia Sauna’s Reino J.A. Tarkianinen says Finns typically take a shower, enter the sauna and stay in the dry heat for 10 minutes. Then they pour water on the hot stones to ramp up the humidity. Most Finns visit the sauna three times a week for about 30 minutes because they enjoy its benefits.

Sauna Benefits
The basis is the heat — whether from infrared saunas or traditional saunas — which raises the heart rate and creates sweat, clearing toxins from the skin. “There aren’t many methods of getting these chemicals out of your body,” says Dr. Wilson. In addition, the increased heart rate releases a variety of hormones, like endorphins, known to reduce stress. Using a sauna also can help make breathing easier when you’re congested.
While clinical studies show that saunas temporarily soothe sore muscles and arthritis pains, Reino recommends talking to your doctor first. “We don’t promote a sauna as something that’s going to cure someone’s health,” he says. And Dr. Wilson doesn’t recommend using a sauna for children under the age of 5, pregnant women or those with a disease aggravated by heat. After you’ve cleared it with your doctor, there are a variety of options for building or buying your own personal sauna.
Sauna enthusiasts have several options in heat sources, including wood stoves and electric stoves. Wood stoves are probably best in an outdoor sauna, because they need ventilation. But you also must be willing to cart in wood, feed the fire and clean out ash periodically.
If you can’t handle intense heat, consider the infrared sauna, which uses infrared radiation to heat the skin. Air temperatures in an infrared sauna can be 70 degrees, and you’ll still sweat because the light warms your body instead of the air. 
Whether you chose to go traditional, or explore the options of an infrared lamp, Unique Home Building is here to help you get the best sauna possible. Choose one that’s right for your lifestyle and you’ll be enjoying the benefits in no time.  

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