You Can Research Projects Based on Your Budget

One of our last posts provided guidance on how to figure out the cost of your renovation project. As you might know, you have to spend some time doing research to figure out a good ballpark figure for your specific project.

Zillow Features

But let’s say you’re just in the beginning stage and you’ve only begun looking at inspiration photos on Pinterest, blogs and magazines. How do you figure, at a glance, whether the project you’re drooling over is even within your reach?

Zillow Digs Showcases Projects Nationwide

You could try Zillow Digs, a feature of online real estate network, best known for providing estimates of home values and other market data.

Zillow Digs is an online community of home design images and inspiration. Sure, there are many such resources these days, but few provide cost data to better guide consumers considering their own renovation projects.

Many Featured Projects Include Cost Breakdown

For example, the photo above shows a bathroom project that is estimated to cost about $16,800, which includes nearly $11,000 in materials and $6,000 in labor for a project in the Los Angeles area. The estimate is said to range from $11,900 to $23,700 to allow for regional adjustments and other variables. A handy list further breaks down costs so you can easily see how much each component costs, such as demolition, countertops or a toilet.

The website allows you to filter your search of images by the type of space (bathroom, kitchen, living room, garage, patio, etc.), cost (budget, mid-range, luxury), style (cottage, traditional, contemporary, etc.) and color. The cost estimate is not included in each featured space, but you can filter your Digs by using the cost filter to ensure you’re looking at projects that fit your budget.

The other filters allow you to easily customize the Digs you’re viewing to narrow your search down to your specific project or area of interest.

Website is Easily Customized

The website makes it easy to collect images, share your favorites with others and research project costs. You are also able to cross-reference your images in a variety of ways. For example, many images are contained within users’ image boards (similar to Pinterest boards), which allow you to find similar inspiration in other people’s boards.

Zillow Digs is also available as an iPad app here if you prefer to do your browsing on a mobile device.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you want an accurate estimate of a home renovation project, your best bet is to contact a contractor. At Unique Properties, we’re always happy to provide you with a project estimate. P

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