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We Can Help Your Make Your Office Look and Function Like a Fortune 500 Company

Commercial Remodeling Contractor in Dallas, TXSo much has changed in the last 20 years. In fact, the pace of change in computers and other hi tech equipment is so fast that even five years seems like very long time.

You’ve looked around at your office design and layout. You know it is time to improve efficiency, update the look and colors, and even add some new thinking in how computers and phones are laid out. You might even be ready to go to VOIP and the cloud, so you’re ready to eliminate all that wiring.

Whether you are looking for a facelift, need to tear down walls to make room for growth, or want to move your company into the current century, Unique is the company to call. We will work carefully with you and your staff to provide the perfect look and functionality to help you look like the Fortune 500 company you hope to be.

Interior Commercial Remodeling

The interior of your business needs to impress. When a client or customer enters, they need to be blown away by the overall design, elegance, and cleanliness of the building. Otherwise, you risk losing a sale. Invest in your business today by remodeling your commercial interior. At Unique Home Construction, we design and build new additions, including office space, waiting areas, and custom floor plans for your company!

Exterior Commercial Remodeling

The exterior of your company is the first impression anyone has. If a potential client notices chipped walls, missing paint, or odd design choices, they’re likely to turn their attention elsewhere. Don’t let that be the case. Take a moment to consider how best to remodel the exterior of your business. Unique Home Construction can make it a reality!


At Unique Home Construction, we believe in experience above everything else. When you hire us for remodeling and design work, you’ll find that our team is the best in the business. We only produce results!

Comprehensive, Focused Services

Running a business means that you have to deal with time constraints. At Unique Home Construction, we fully understand. When you hire us for commercial remodeling in Dallas, TX, you’ll find that we go above and beyond to complete the requested work. We are driven, committed, and focused on quality!

Take your business to the next level with commercial remodeling services in Dallas, TX. Contact Unique Home Construction by calling 214-533-0716 today!