Design Build Custom Home Builder in Dallas Fort Worth

Design Build Custom Home Builder in Dallas Fort WorthUnique Home Construction will be happy to work with you as either your home builder only, taking over after your plans have been developed by an architect or building designer, or we can sit down with you from day one and provide all of the design work, too.

The benefits of using the design-build approach are many. First, you have only one point of responsibility. The builder is creating a design that he knows he can live with, and that may be more practical than a plan created by someone who doesn’t have to actually build the project.

Secondly, there will usually be a cost saving. It is very common for a builder to ask the designer to make changes to the plans, which results in charges to the client.

Third, you can develop the trust relationship with your builder during the design process. If there are issues of compatibility, they can be found out at that stage. Otherwise, you are having to work with two potentially very different personalities and styles that may or may not be compatible with each other or with you in the long run.

It is our goal to provide amazing service whichever way you choose to do your plans. Our testimonials will help to provide you the assurance that we can produce a great finished product on time and in the budget.