Frequently Asked Questions

When will the project be completed?

The most frequent question we get from our clients is “When will the project be completed. Each project is different, so it is impossible to give you an estimate until all the facts are known. At our first meeting we can give you examples of similar past jobs, but your project schedule can only be prepared when you have approved the final drawings. After that changes made by the Owner, unforeseen circumstances such as weather delays, building department issues, or concealed conditions may result in delays. We have an excellent record of finishing our work on schedule.

What is a Budget?

A project budget refers to a list of all agreed upon expenses to complete the construction project. The owner’s budget will include architectural design fees, structural engineering costs, permit fees, and construction costs. The construction costs include materials and labor. The budget is helps you to see the details of monetary decisions during the construction process. You can then make trade offs based on your own personal budget for the construction.

What happens if I make changes along the way?

We will provide you with a plan that shows when certain decisions must be final. Changes to the project after those dates will be possible, just much more costly. To the best of our ability, we will clearly outline all options far in advance with the pro’s and con’s for each. An example is if you want custom windows that take 8 weeks to deliver we will need to order them 10 weeks before we install them in order to assure that the whole order is received without errors or damages. Thus, we would need any change on the type or style of window to be made prior to the order being placed.

What does “Design-Build” mean and what is the benefit of using that approach?

When you make a decision to use the same company for both design and build, you eliminate the potential for downstream conflict between the designer and builder. Designers who are not builders don’t purposely create projects that are impossible or expensive for the contractor to execute, but a builder who is also a designer avoids any chance that this will happen. The design-builder is typically the general contractor, but in some cases it can be the architect or engineer. We are very happy to use designs created by your architect or building designer. We are able, as needed to create those drawings for you.

Can I manage part of the project on my own?

We discourage owners from managing any part of the project on their own. You hired a General Contractor to manage the project and bring it in as you envisioned it, on time, and within budget. You will pick out materials and products. But you should leave it to us to procure and install these items. This way, we will oversee all work and be responsible for all aspects of the final results.

What does Green Building mean?

Sustainable building practices focus on minimizing the use of resource such as energy, water, and materials while reducing impacts on human health and the environment during the building process and throughout the natural life of the building. This is achieved through better design, construction, operation, maintenance, and debris removal.

Effective green building commonly results in reduced energy and water costs, improved occupant health, and reduced environmental impacts. For example, attention might be paid to reducing storm water runoff. In using green building practices, we seek to achieve ecological but aesthetic harmony between the home and its surrounding natural environment.

Why choose Unique Home Construction as your contractor?

Unique Home Construction has the experience and expertise to deliver a high quality product, on time and within budget. We are experts at hearing your dreams and bringing them to reality. As a smaller contracting business, we bring a personal touch to every project. And we will be happy to provide you with an extensive list of referrals.