Affordable Home Remodeling Service in Dallas, TX

Home Remodeling Dallas TXYou might have had this particular dream since you were a child. It is almost certain that you’ve been thinking about the details for years. Now you have purchased the lot or the teardown. The dream is going to come true. You are now faced with the most critical decision of the project. Choosing the right general contractor.
With Unique Home Construction there will be no guessing if you got it right, and no second guessing after you’ve made the decision. We are happy to provide you with as many reviews as you could possibly want that will attest to our reputation for integrity, quality, and delivery. Many of our clients have stayed in touch long after the work is done. And many have given us the greatest compliment of all. They’ve recommended us to their friends and family.

We will work with you from design to completion, handle all the local government issues, and make sure you are pleased with every part of the finished project. Call us now for a free consultation about your project.

Not doing a complete custom build? We can help with kitchen remodels in Dallas. See our article on Room Additions. We are also the right choice for backyard patios, garage conversions, carports, and roofs.

Home Remodel

The kids bedrooms are fine. It’s the rest of the house that needs an extreme makeover? Or the master bedroom and bath really need to become an oasis from the craziness in the rest of the house. Or, maybe, you just want to freshen up every room in the house to make it look like new again.

There are many goals and reasons for doing home remodels. We have helped so many families through the fun and excitement of remaking their almost perfect homes. You didn’t misread that. I said fun and excitement. If you are a friend have lived through a construction nightmare, it is generally because the general contractor looked at your dream like a job. We take your dream as seriously as you do, and we don’t want you to live through a nightmare in order to realize the benefits.

We’ll do everything we can to minimize the disruptions, keep the dust down, and bring cheerful, positive energy to the work site each and every day. Unique Home Construction are truly different in their approach to Home Remodels.

Kitchen Remodel

You might only remodel a kitchen once in your life. A really well designed kitchen might last 25 years or longer without needed a major facelift. When you decide to take this big step, you want to have a general contractor coming along side you who has an impeccable reputation for integrity, quality, and completing jobs on time and within budget.

You also want someone who will listen to your dreams and goals for the project without preconceived notions or preferences for certain approaches that might differ from your inclinations.

Unique Home Construction can provide you with many references who will give enthusiastic reviews of our work for them.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms get heavy use, and minor fixes and improvements sometimes just don’t get you where you want to go. Getting ready for your day in a modern bathroom can just make your entire day better.

Lighting alone can make a big difference. New mirrors, refinished or new tubs and shower stalls, upgraded plumbing, and new flooring may be all you need. Or you may decide to refinish, repaint, or replace your cabinets. You’d even be amazed at how inexpensive a sauna or steam shower can be.

Large or small, new from the ground up or simple remodel, we can help you with the entire project. And it will be done on time and within budget.

Room Addition

The kids are getting bigger and need their own room and/or bathroom. Grandma is coming to stay for a while (or maybe more than a while). You’ve always wanted that playroom or sewing room or home office or home theater. Now you’re ready to get serious. What will it cost? How long will it take? What part of the dream is reality and what part might need a phase two.

Unique Home Construction will be more than happy to come out and sit down with you for a free consultation. We’ll sketch out the idea, help you with the budget, and give you estimates on time to completion. We are highly experienced and love our craft. Our goal is to build your dream, and make it better than you expected.

Outdoor Kitchen

There is no project in the world that will get Dad more animated than creating his dream outdoor kitchen. You never see a bigger smile on Dad’s face than when he’s basting that T-bone or turning the hot links for 20 of your closest friends. An outdoor kitchen can be a huge bonus for Mom, too, since it will mean Dad cooks more of the meals.

At Unique Home Construction, we love building outdoor kitchens. Maybe it is because we are aware of just how much fun they can bring to any family. Let us help you get it right. There are so many little details that a less interested contractor might not remember to include.

Patios & Sunrooms

Here is what we hear all the time from our clients who have installed sunrooms or patios: “We love our sunroom so much that we rarely go into the rest of the house.” “Our patio has become the entertainment center. Now we have our friends and family over all the time.” “Our outdoor kitchen and patio was the best home improvement we have ever made.”

Let your imagination be your guide. We will sit down with you and help you bring your outdoor entertainment dream to reality. From the basic design to the final permits, we will be by your side. As with all construction efforts, we work hard to minimize the inconvenience during the building process. And when we are done, the yard will be cleaner than when we started.

Industrial Build Outs

Your store, office or factory is have several important functions. You need the facility to be a great reflection on your products and services. You want an efficient workspace that gives you good traffic patterns, use of space, and excellent lighting. Finally, you want those who work in the space to be comfortable and happy to be there, and those who visit to feel positively towards your company.

Unique Home Construction will meet with you at any stage of the development of your tenant improvement. We can help you from the very start of the effort to design the space to optimize all of the above considerations and more. Then we can help you select materials and fixtures that will give you the most bang for the buck. We can do the buildout, and work with the local government regarding all permitting and approvals.

Whether you’re interested in a completely remodeled bathroom or an additional backyard kitchen, Unique Home Construction is the premier choice. Call us today at (214) 533-0716!