Trusted Home Builder Serving Duncanville, TX, since 1996

Home Builder Serving Duncanville, TXThere’s nothing quite like walking into your custom home for the first time. Everything was built to your specifications. It’s absolutely perfect. At Unique Home Build, that’s exactly what we do. We help homeowners like you realize your dreams of owning the perfect home. We’ll design and build you a custom home in Duncanville, TX.

Custom Home Builder in Duncanville, TX

A custom home in Duncanville, TX, should be able to meet all of your needs at once. You should have the bedrooms and bathrooms you require, extra storage space, and even that island in the kitchen that you’ve always dreamed about. We’ll help those dreams become a reality.

Affordable Home Remodeling Service

In addition to offering custom homes, we also provide homeowners with remodeling services to make what you have now even better. If you want more storage space, we can help. A third bedroom? Our team can do that, too!

Expert Commercial Remodeling Contractor

We can also help your business thrive. With commercial remodeling, you’ll have a shot at reinvigorating your company. With spacious rooms for a larger workforce, better amenities, and quality designs, your business will be booming!

Trendy Outdoor Kitchen Design, Build & Installation

These days, homeowners want more than just what’s inside of their house. They want to cook outdoors in the sunshine and relax with friends and family. For that, a trendy outdoor kitchen—designed and professionally installed by us—is the answer.

Bathroom Addition & Remodeling Services

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. As such, we often focus a lot of our attention on bathroom additions and remodeling services. We guarantee you the perfect bathroom, complete with the amenities you seek, in no time at all.