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David Crawford

November 1, 2019 via BBB

We partnered with Unique Home Construction for an addition and remodel of an older Tudor style home. I use the word 'partnered' because that is the best description of Rich and Greg's approach. All construction projects are filled with unknowns that need to be addressed along the way and the team at Unique Homes were always more than willing to work with us to achieve an outcome that was both within budget and design forward. Fittingly, the results have gotten rave reviews from all that have seen the finished product. Partnership. That's what you want when taking on a construction project.

Val Jean H.

March 18, 2018 via

Unique Home Construction just completed a remodel of a kitchen, two living areas, and a laundry room. They did excellent work, were on time, and very pleasant to work with. They responded quickly to each question and request. I am very pleased with their work and would recommend them to everyone. I love my new house.

Michael A.

April 2, 2018 via

Unique Homes was great to do business with! Kim, Rich, and Greg were all very helpful and responsive. They followed up quickly on questions and issues that came up during the construction of our duplexes and always did what they said they would. They delivered a great product.

Rahim C.

March 14, 2014 via

Greg and Rich @ unique homes are some of the best builders in the area. They are highly responsive, available and detail oriented ensuring that build standards are set to high quality. Kim the office manager is a delight and is great at design aesthetics.

Steve and Ann Melton

July 25, 2018 via

Mike did an excellent job on the renovation of our kitchen. He brought the job in on time and within budget. We recommend him without reservation.

Albert Berman

June 18, 2018 via

I am capable of solving problems, but I ran into something I did not want to face myself. It was matching the siding on my house that is no longer available. Mike, from Unique Properties came up with the SOLUTION. But his idea, good as it was, required so much ingenuity in the installation. I still don't understand how it was done, but I understand this. Mike is a real problem solver with the touch to create beautiful work!!! I have only one problem left . . . how do I properly say I am thrilled with this outcome?

Mark and Irene Riley

April 12, 2018 via

Mike and his staff do an incredible job. He has done several renovations for my family: bathrooms, porch tiling, new rock siding, roofing, and installation of atrium doors for our kitchen. Mike is able to fix the unfixable. Our home which was built in 1983 has never been plum. It takes a real artist to renovate a place like that. Mike has that touch.

Cliff Sentell

May 8, 2018 via

After seeing an example of Mike's work in the home of one of his references, I was impressed. But when I sit on the patio he rebuilt, I find it hard to remember what the old concrete area looked like. The tiling was expertly planned and laid, and everything was finished on time and on budget. I would highly recommend his team for any patio or tiling job.

Janene and Frank Gaynor

June 10, 2018 via

Mike and Gilbert implemented the plan for our bathroom with particular attention to the details in tiling. A spectacular result - we love our bathroom!

Lisa Hill

July 15, 2018 via

Mike and his team were professional and courteous from the moment they arrived. His attention to details and experience really showed in the final product. Our 1950's bathroom was transformed into a modern space for less than we imagined. Mike made some great suggestions on how to save us money and worked 10 hour days to get the work done in our timeframe. Thanks to Mike and Unique Properties for a superior job.

Jason Haynsworth

August 20, 2018 via

My wife and I purchased a 2700sf ranch home with the intent of a complete, custom remodel. Because we were planning on spending over $100,000 on the job, we spoke with 10+ contractors and decided to go with Mike for the project. The result was incredible. Mike went above and beyond what we expected and delivered an unbelievable result for us. Nearly every surface in the house was touched: new open-concept kitchen, 4 remodeled bathrooms (including over 150sf of 1 inch glass tile in the master shower), flooring everywhere (natural wood, marble, travertine), trim throughout, custom built kitchen, bath, and office cabinets, custom built stone fireplace, new texture and paint, windows, French doors, 2 hot water heaters on recirculating pump, 2 electrical panels, etc. We were happy with each trade that Mike brought on to help - wood floor guys, tile, trim, painters, granite, electrician, plumber, mason, etc. He was also hands on, completing much of the loose ends work himself. I don't have enough positive things to say about Mike and his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a high-end remodel at a reasonable cost.

Cecil and Cheryl Miller

September 25, 2018 via

I love my new house! Well, it is not really a new house but it sure looks like one. From the addition of 1600 square feet upstairs which includes and entertainment room, bar, office, bedroom and two bathrooms to a complete kitchen remodel, I couldn't ask for better work. We have been through 3 remodels and this by far was the easiest to live through. Mike made sure his people were the least intrusive into our living space as they could be and made sure things were cleaned up everyday. The work these guys did is just beautiful as you can see by the pictures. As with all costruction jobs, something will surely go wrong or there will be somthing that jsut isn't quite the way you want it. All I had to do is just mention it to Mike and I knew I didn't have to worry about it because he would take care of it. Mike was a real pleasure to deal with and it was obvious that pleasing the homeowner is his top priority. We highly recommend him without hesitation.