Spec Home Building In Dallas / Fort Worth

Let Us Help You Build an Amazing Spec Home in Dallas/Fort Worth

The Dallas residential real estate market is on fire. As a result of this excellent market new homes, we are happy to speak with investors who are interested in finding a lot, and building a spec home on the property.

We will help you to make sure that the home has the features and presentation that will result in a quick sale once completed.

As with any home we will work with you to develop plans, or we will work with plans that you submit. Our team will review those plans in detail with an eye towards maximizing your return on investment, including the fastest possible time to completion.

Contact us and schedule a time where we can sit down and consider your spec home plan.

What is a Spec Home?

A “spec” home is a unique process in which we purchase a piece of land in the area, build an entirely new house of our own design, and then sell the entire property to a family such as your own. It’s a comprehensive approach that is cost-effective and easy. In fact, a spec home is the perfect solution for any family purchasing their first home. Our professionally-built homes are ready for you to move everyone in today!

Benefits of Purchasing a Spec Home

The benefits of a spec home vary, but typically include:

  • Time – Instead of spending months researching, paying a design firm, and waiting around, a spec home is readily available now in a variety of colors and finishes.
  • Architecture – A spec home is not a hastily put together piece of property. This is an entire household, custom-built and designed by professionals to suit the needs of the modern family.
  • High-End – With a custom-built house, you’re usually on your own when buying appliances. A spec home, on the other hand, comes with high-end appliances, which can be expensive if purchased separately.

Are you considering a spec home for your family? Contact Unique Home Build for exquisite properties available today. Call 214-533-0716!