Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Dallas, TX

If you’ve been hit by a catastrophic loss due to a storm, Unique Home Construction is uniquely qualified to get your home fully restored and even improved in the process. We immediately contact your insurance company so that we are able to co-ordinate everything with them.

We sit down with you to determine a plan of action for getting your home back to perfect condition. Sometimes you may want to make lemonade out of one of life’s lemons. We can provide potential ways that you can change or improve the damaged portions of your home within the framework of the insurance adjustment. Or in some cases you may find it advantageous to add some funds to the project for a major overhaul.

We will work with all government and insurance agencies so that you don’t have to. Unique Properties has since 1986 been delivering quality restorations on time, in budget, and with a minimum of further disruption to your life.

Storm Damage Restoration Process

The aftermath of a severe storm can leave your home and family reeling. Depending on the type and severity of the storm, you may find yourself knee-deep in standing water – highly contaminated water – or picking up loose debris strewn about the yard from wind damage. Whatever the case, you are likely not equipped or trained to deal with storm damage. You need a local restoration company to tackle the mess.

Our guaranteed storm damage restoration process is sure to satisfy your needs.

  • First, our trained restoration experts perform a thorough assessment of the interior and exterior of the property.
  • Once you’re satisfied with our estimate and assessment, we will begin working.
  • We utilize dehumidifiers, wet vacuums, and pumps to remove standing water and dry the area promptly.
  • Then, we restore any damage, replacing and repairing items as needed, to provide you with a habitable home once more.

Storm Damaged Roof Repair

Here at Unique Home Build, we provide homeowners with 24-hour emergency restoration services in the event of a major storm. We arrive faster, are highly-trained, and better equipped to handle storms and disasters. With such little warning from a storm, you need a local restoration company that is prepared to tackle damage at a moment’s notice.

Unique Home Build is committed to be your number one roof repair service following a storm or other type of disaster in the area. We know best how to tackle roof leaks, missing shingles, and full-blown holes in the roof. Whether such damage is caused by debris or rainfall, our team will right the situation in a timely manner. You deserve a safe environment. We aim to provide you with the level of comfort and security your family so rightly deserves.

24-Hour Emergency Service

With the looming threat of a tropical storm at any time, the Dallas area must be fully prepared to handle storm damage at a moment’s notice. Thankfully, Unique Home Build is here to help. We have experienced restoration technicians available around the clock. With fully-stocked trucks and knowledgeable technicians, your storm damage woes are a thing of the past!

Locally Owned Company

As a locally-owned and operated company, Unique Home Build is able to respond to storm damage quicker than the competition. When you call, we can typically arrive at your doorstep within the hour. Furthermore, being local, we know the type of weather we can get here in the area. Whenever you’re dealing with storm damage, Unique Home Build is just a phone call away.


At Unique Home Build, we only hire the very best restoration technicians. The experience of our team truly makes a difference. For when your home is suffering from storm damage, you need guaranteed results. Only the best and brightest will suffice.

Schedule service with us today and discover why so many homeowners in the area trust in our storm damage restoration services. We work around the clock to provide quality repairs and restorations!

Schedule immediate storm damage restoration in Dallas, TX, with Unique Home Build. Give us a call anytime at 214-533-0716!